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Heartwood Tree Service & Solutions

I am an owner of a successful Tree Service company in San Antonio. I have been working with Elva for the past couple of years. Her system has made my life so much easier; I can't even begin to elaborate on how much she and integrated-internet.com has enhanced and simplified my daily endeavors. Instant estimates from my iPhone. Invoicing is a breeze and she has set me up with pay-pal so I get paid automatically. Do not know what I would do without her. She is like a secretary-business coordinator- public relations contact with a dash of awesome. Totally earned my loyalty. Earned Was totally skeptical at first but her commitment to my company and her work ethic won me over big time. A must for any growing business. Just referred my Brother to her. He will thank me later and now he owes me one 'big time' as well.
George Potter

Professional Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a big user of Mblz service software. I've been with Integrated Internet for years and have been extremely happy with all their services. Four years ago, they introduced me to their client, estimate and invoice database. At first, I was hesitant since my massage services are very different from their current users. I signed up for their starter package and it has definitely helped me to organize my processes and appointments. I have time to concentrate on my inventory and other duties that need to get done. Thanks mblz for helping me with my challenging duties.
Cynthia Moseley

Alamo Tree Systems

I have been in business for over 10 years, my skills vary from tree services to land/lot clearing and have grown tremendously. Since, I am working with Bobcats and loud machinery, it's tough for me to receive calls, input data and call my customers back immediately. That's where ET and mlbz.com come into action. Thanks guys for a great system and the virtual assistance I have received from ET which has allowed me to focus more on my jobs and skills. Without "Mobilize" my time would be spent with Admin duties; I enjoy the opportunity to challenge my crew to complete each job professionally to improve San Antonio's beauty and green.


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